The dxdt Quantitative Retina Test Grid
Empowering Patients to Assess and Monitor their Retina Health, Anticipate Trends, and Train to use Remaining Vision Capability more Effectively

Physicians, the dxdt business model for the Quantitative Retina Test Grid provides for purchase of the system by patients through this website or by physicians, in bulk, at a reduced price directly from our fulfillment office.  Please contact us for details. 


See the Health Heroes segment on the Quantitative Retina Test Grid


dxdt has developed exciting new add-ons for the Quantitative Retina Test Grid.  Patients can now identify blind spots against a dynamic background or against a fine detail background.  We have also added a binocular vision analyzer.  Also, dxdt has developed an eye training tool that will help patients that have identified healthy areas of their retinae (using the QRTG) to train themselves to use those areas more consistently. Contact us if you would like to learn more or if you would like to study or employ these tools on a trial basis.

Click here for a video demo of the QRTG in use. (High Res or Low Res