dxdt Engineering and Research, in cooperation with The Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy Fund, has developed the Cognitive Acuity Tracking System (CATS). The CATS is a research instrument designed to collect quantitative metrics associated with brain health and mental acuity.  

For people overcoming substance abuse addiction the CATS provides a window into their brain health and to improvements in cognitive ability due to compliance with their recovery regimen. Through simple and fun games and exercises CATS monitors their cognitive acuity as a means of encouragement. For clinic workers this translates into better program retention and improved outcomes. CATS can also be used as an objective tool for examining program effectiveness and the efficacy of treatment interventions.

For individuals overcoming brain injuries including stroke and other trauma, the CATS provides means for exercising the brain and tracking the healing process in an objective and quantitative way. Physicians can use the system to monitor progress throughout the recovery process.

The CATS is a workstation based tool that does not require network access or extra overhead demands. Each user is assigned their own password -protected account so their progress is kept private and shared only with clinic personnel with CATS administrative privileges. System output is in easy to read plot form and by tables. Data is easily exported in a text file easily read into spreadsheet programs.

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