dxdt Engineering and Research was founded in 2004 by Dr. Christopher Hekimian of Germantown, MD.  The name "dxdt" is intended to represent an incremental advancement in the technological state of the art within an incremental period of time. dxdt has remained true to its name by being a small company with a history of patented concepts and new products. Originally, dxdt products and services addressed a wide range of sectors, including defense, homeland security, home electronics and health.  Currently, dxdt is focused on the Cognitive Acuity Tracking System.

dxdt also developed the first of it's kind External link opens in new tab or windowquantitative retina health test grid  which was developed in cooperation with physicians from the National Eye Institute of the U.S. National Institutes of Health.  It not only measures retina health, it maintains a history of it that can be used for monitoring of retina health and prognostic and research purposes.

Another product we are currently advancing is a system for providing meaningful External link opens in new tab or windowbroad scope sensory stimulation for neurological patients and individuals under palliative care, suffering from dementia, or at risk of Alzheimers.  dxdt works with family members to collect and provide digitized photographs, music, voice messages and other forms of personalized media to provide stimulation and entertainment to the ailing.  The system has many other features that can be expected to help in the neurological healing process and retard the onset of dementia.

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Christopher Hekimian, Dr.Sc. SE, MSEE, BSEE