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dxdt's Quantitative Retina Test Grid replace the paper Amsler test grid

dxdt's Quantitative Retina Test Grid was designed to be used by retina patients and individuals at risk of retinopathy at home in order to monitor retina health accurately and consistently over time.  The system is in essence a computerized replacement for a paper Amsler grid that also happens to have features one would only expect in an ophthamology clinic.  The system uses features available on a personal computer to identify blind spots, measure total blind area, and characterize the degree of warp distortion perceived by the eye and to track these metrics over time.  The tool represents a significant improvement in terms of at-home retina health testing and tracking. 

In particular, the system:

1.) Measures blind area and warp distortion accurately and consistently storing related images and metrics for later review and analysis;

2.) Provides a means for comparing past and current retina health visually, textually, and graphically;

3.) Develops a detailed record of retina health over time that can be used to assess the effectiveness of interventions;

4.) Provides a means for individuals that are taking medications that may put their retinas at risk to detect affects at the earliest possible times;

5.) Provides a means to collect data relevant to determining medium and long term prognoses relative to the onset of blindness and retina health issues, and;

6.) Facilitates large-scale clinical studies by providing direct quantitative results inside or outside of a clinical setting