dxdt Engineering and Research, in cooperation with The Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy Fund, has developed the Cognitive Acuity Tracking System (CATS). The CATS is a research instrument designed to collect quantitative metrics associated with brain health and mental acuity.  The CATS can support research and diagnostics associated with:

  •     Substance Abuse Addiction Recovery and Rehabilitati
  •     Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  •     Alzheimer’s Syndrome
  •     Attention Span Deficit

Through tracking the results of simple memory games and cognitive exercises the CATS will collect indicators relevant to:
  •     Short Term Memory
  •     Audio-Visual Pattern Recognition
  •     Analytical Processing, and,
  •     Attention Span

The metrics associated with the scores of four different games and exercises are automatically tracked over time.  The metrics can be used in the following ways:

  • Test for changes in trends or between groups to test the efficacy of brain health interventions;
  • Investigate trends related to degradation or improvement in cognitive ability;
  • Use the system as a feedback mechanism to reinforce compliance with addiction recovery protocols and sobriety.

The Joseph Albert Hekimian Legacy Fund’s Cognitive Acuity Tracking System was developed by dxdt Engineering and Research.

Technical questions relating to the CATS should be directed to dxdt Engineering and Research at [email protected]. Also, dxdt Engineering and Research can provide analysis worksheets that can be used to analyze data produced using the CATS.

CATS Brochure

CATS brochure1.pdf 513.9KB
CATS Manual v1_0.pdf 1.2MB


Contact dxdt for further information on the CATS.

301 520-1575